CPH Blade Days: An epic day of blading

Great blading, good weather and a bright future for aggressive inline skating. These seem to be the keywords for this year’s CPH Blade Days. Did you miss out on this sick event in one of the best blading cities in Northern Europe? Don’t worry, we’re here to give you a recap.

It was not only the pro’s that took the spotlight this year at Fælledparken in Copenhagen, Denmark. Everyone from the small kids to the juniors and of course the girls gave it all they got and showed us some serious shredding.

One of the bladers to attend this year’s pro competition was Dano Gorman, and when we asked him what he thought about this year’s CPH Blade Days his answer was clear:

“It’s amazing, the skate park, it’s killer with all the different obstacles, and when the weather' is like it is today, then it doesn't get much better. When I get the chance to go to Copenhagen, I jump on it. There are a lot of good skate parks, sick street spots, and the crew is so helpful and friendly, and that makes you want to come back”, he says.

The future of blading

This sunny Saturday in Copenhagen, a lot of young kids and teenagers were hitting the rainbow rail, the fun boxes and the banks at the skatepark. For Dano, it’s a positive sign that so many youngsters have chosen to join this year’s Blade Days.

Irish pro blader Dano Gorman doing a fish in Barcelona

“At the end of the day the kids are the future of blading, and we need to get them into it. There was a downtime for a while where there wasn't a lot of young bladers coming up. But now you can see here today there are more young skaters than old adult skaters, and that is what you want to see, they are the future”, he says and continues,

“A lot of the pros are over 30, so it’s everybody's responsibility to inspire and pass on the torch. It’s so rewarding to see someone like Felix Fälling. I remember the first time I saw him, he was so small, and now he has grown into the teen that’s so powerful on skates. This is the first time I’ve seen a lot of these Danish kids skating, and I think it’s sick to see how good they are at blading.”

Girl power

The female blades also impressed the crowd at CPH Blade Days, and for the winner of the girl's competition Sara Hollesen, the event was a sign that the female aggressive scene is growing.

Sara Hollesen winner of the girl's competition together with the winner of the pro competition Jacob Juul and Felix Fälling who came in second. All of them are SkatePro team riders.

“I remember when I started blading, back then I was the only girl, and now at an event like today, we’re about ten girls who're competing. I see it as my duty to show young females that girls can skate as well as boys”, she says and adds,

“It means a lot that an event like this has a girls competition. I think it’s a catalyst to get more girls into aggressive blading. I remember that I was hooked the first time I attended the CPH Blade Days".

A world’s first

SkatePro team riders Daniel Nielsen and Malte Husted at the premiere of the Formosa blade film.

The event ended with style when the new Formosa blade film featuring Richie Eisler, Scott Quinn, Chris Farmer, Josh Glowicki, Joe Atkinson, David Sizemore, Dominik Wagner, Chris Smith & Carson Starnes was shown.

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