Wake 'up' - perfect your snowboard tricks in the summer

For many snowboarders, the melting of the snow and the summer kicking in is a tiny tragedy and heartbreak every year. But not for our snowboard team rider Ola Koskiniotis. She has found consolation in wakeboarding and told us all about it.

We had a quick Q&A session with Ola about how she practices her snowboarding during the summer and it turned out that her 'secret' is wakeboarding. The two sports have a similar feel, which makes transferring your skills from the one to the other and vice versa easier. So if you are looking for something to fill up your sunny days, grab a wakeboard, just like Ola.

Ok Ola, how did it all start with the wakeboarding?

I started wakeboarding because I have some good spots near my home. Also, all my snowboarding friends are wakeboarding during the summer because the feeling of the board is so similar.

Is that your only summer 'fix' when there is no snow or there is something else as well?

I like to longboard and wakesurf too with my friends.

And how does wakeboarding affect your snowboarding?

The balance on all the obstacles is really similar, so I can practice all my tricks the same way.

Can you see improvement in your snowboard performance due to the wakeboarding?

Yes, definitely! I have all the summer an every-day connection with a pretty similar board so I can go on with my tricks. I have the same stance on these two boards so the feeling is really similar as I said.

What are the differences then?

I think freestyle snowboarding is harder and more difficult than wake though. For example, on a wakeboard, it is much easier to do out rotations, from rails and boxes. I mean, you have the handle which is the third support of the rider’s balance, so when you do some mistakes on the wake the landings are softer and less painful.

Does wakeboarding make you more confident when you get back to the snow?

Yes because I don’t lose the contact with the board at the off of the season.

Is there a particular trick that was way easier to learn through wakeboarding and then transfer into snowboarding?

Oh yeah, 180-in and frontboard.

Then which is your favorite trick on both a wake- and a snowboard?

I really like jibbing both in the wakepark and on the snow.

Which one of the two sports is more fun though - wakeboarding or snowboarding? (You are allowed to go nuts here)

Both of these sports are awesome but I really like the freedom when I’m snowboarding. I’m with my squad, no one watches, we are riding for ourselves in some wild spots, and we can ride wherever we want to. It’s insane! On the wake, you have the cable, the operator, and the exact way but it’s fun too, just in other ways. But the people and the vibes in both of these sports are awesome!


Keen on giving wakeboarding a try and leveling up your game for the upcoming winter season? Check out our wake gear at SkatePro, find the 'chosen one', and go flip those 180s.

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