Three roller skate techniques you can't live without

Got a pair of new quad skates or maybe you just want to get better at roller skating? In this article, we’ll show you three techniques that will make you feel safer, more in control, and up your skating skills.

The T-stop: a necessity

Control is important if you want to have fun on your skates. You need to know how to stop - being able to break efficiently will keep you safe and give you the confidence to get the most out of your skates. The T-stop is a very easy and effective way to come to a full halt.

Become the king/queen of downhill skating

Skating is about freedom. Go wherever you want, whenever you want. Learning how to control your speed when going downhill is crucial for your safety and also for your freedom as a skater. Check out these four easy techniques and go pro when you’re going downhill.

The toe stop: the pocket knife of your roller skates

The toe stops come in handy for much more than breaking. By mastering these 5 techniques your life as a roller skater will become much easier and fun.

Using the toe stop as a break takes a little to get used to. But by using the instructions in this video, you’ll get the hold of it in no time.

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