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New playground - The passion does not fall over board

One of the great things about working at SkatePro is that we can give 'test drives' to many of our products. And it got even better when we entered the surfing world because this meant that we definitely had to try the water gear.

Many of the SkatePro humans already have the water and the ocean in their hearts and blood. So, a day at a wake park in Denmark was a great treat and pure joy.

For others though, who were new to the water action sports, the water ended up being more in the faces and noses rather than in the hearts.

But we still ended up having an amazing time and reminded ourselves why we are all here - for the love of action sports, for the passion for water, snow, concrete, verts, ramps, bowls and all of those 'tiny miracle inventions' that make life sweet.

It all started with a lot of confidence!

We had some demos from Ten Toes SUP boards, Ronix wakeboards, DB skimboards, bodyboards from Wave Skater, and wetsuits from O'Neill , and then we hit the water!

Literally, we did hit the water with any body part you can think of. We did 'flips' and 'tricks' never seen in the history of surfing before so we decided they had to be shared with the world. Enjoy!

P.S. We chose not to write the names of the 'athletes' because that could get us in some interdepartmental trouble.

Beautiful SUPing on the foreground but take a closer look at 'the battle for survival' in the background.

And a close up of how to check the water quality and temperature, namely, a face plant.

Talking about face plants, here is an eager contestant and lying next to him is how you end up after one - almost passed out at the shore but still in good spirits.

Words are useless here...nothing speaks louder than seeing your boss drowning with a smile on his face.

And after it all, the most important thing is to stick together in the face of hardships. So when wakeboarding takes the toll of you, you always have some loving fellow colleagues to drag you out of the water.

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