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DIY : Bleach tie dye - create your own acid wash shirt

We all know that old school is the best school so who can resist the good, old, acid washed t-shirts. And the good news, you can do it all by yourself with your favorite SkatePro t-shirt.

We pimped up our SkatePro t-shirts to fit the festival mood and it went so well that we ended up making a DIY video. Check it out and go nuts! The results are totally sick and you'll definitely be the talk of the town (or at least the talk of the crew).

All you need is bleach, rubber gloves, rubber bands, a bucket for rinsing afterward, and plastic bags to cover your 'workspace'.

The magic happens in 5 easy steps:

1. Get ready - use the plastic bags to cover the surface where the bleaching will take place, put the gloves on to avoid acid burn on your skin, and you are ready to go.

2. Roll the t-shirt in the desired pattern (check our suggestions in the video) and use the rubber bands to fix the t-shirt in that pattern.

3. Pour bleach over the spots where you have twisted your t-shirt into a pattern and use excess bleach for tinier spots.

4. Wait 60 minutes and then rinse in a bucket of water until the water is clear.

5. Leave to dry! And there you have it! Your acid-wash SkatePro t-shirt is ready to rock.

NB! Remember to wash separately the first time to avoid bleaching half of your clothes instead. Last up, If you want to try this out yourself, remember to do it outdoors, so the fumes can evaporate.

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