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Breaking news: Tilt Scooters are making their first deck ever.

We're so stoked about the new Tilt Theory deck! It is set to hit the stores in late summer, and with its many sweet features, it may turn out to be a true game changer.

The guys from Tilt Scooters just revealed that they're working on their first deck ever and judging from their YouTube presentation of the Tilt Theory, we're in for a real treat. This deck has many sick features such as a fixed welded fender, wide and long deck, welded dropouts and much more.

Check out the video above to hear Collin Snoek from Tilt Scooters tell all about the new Tilt Theory. The video also features Team riders Christian Dean and Joe Vos, who have tested the new deck.

As mentioned before, the Tilt Theory is expected to come out later this summer. Meanwhile, you can use the waiting time to check out our range of Tilt Products.

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