Skateboarder's essentials for the summer

Summer is going full throttle and you want some new skate styles and gear? Check out our skater's essentials wishlist and get ready for the season without any hustle and boring shopping spree.

1. New deck

Freshen up and enjoy the sun with a new Enjoi 8-bit Panda deck. Get a great pop from a classic design with a twist: the famous Enjoi panda goes 8-bit. Psst...we also got the 8-bit hoodie to match it!

2. The T-shirt

This is indeed the 'the t-shirt'. The iconic Santa Cruz Acid Hand comes covered in gremlins. It cannot get any cooler than that, especially when you notice the tiny heart tattoo on one of the gremlin's butt cheek.

3. Make it stick - grip tape

Since we are talking about a new deck, some good quality grip tape is also essential. And if we have started with Enjoi why not go all in with the Enjoi Spectrum logo grip tape.

4. A cap and good conscience

The Picture Betty 5 Panel cap is not awesome just because of its pinup design (which is perfect for the summer). Like everything that comes out from Picture, the cap is made of 100% recycled cotton, meaning you are doing something good for nature too.

5. Pack it all up

Summer road trips? It's always good to have your skateboard at hand, or on your back in this case. Another essential is the skate backpack and we know that Dakine knows how it's done, so check out the Dakine Atlas backpack with some fresh board design.

6. Power up!

And just to make sure that you always have enough juice for them skate videos and snaps, or that the music doesn't stop all of a sudden at the beach, we present to you: the SkatePro power bank.

7. Skate on water

If you want to elevate your skills and turn it up a notch with the tricks, try skimboarding. It's fun, perfect for the summer and you get to practice some skate tricks on the water. A DB Standard Proto skimboard is perfect for flatland tricks skimming and can get you on any PVC ramp or box. By the way, if you want to know a bit more about skimboarding and skateboarding, check this post here.

8. Suit up!

If you are going skimming then it might be a good idea to get a wetsuit (if the water is a bit chilly where you are). A good option is a long sleeve shorty wetsuit from ION. The Onyx Core shorty comes in 2mm thickness, chest zip (the best one to keep the water away), and a very slick design.

So now you are all geared up for the summer! Remember, enjoy the sun and if you have any questions, contact us at SkatePro, we got you covered.

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