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5 reasons to consider cross country touring

Nice views, fresh air and the sounds and scents of nature. Cross country skiing is one of the most meditative and stress-relieving activities you can do. And once you try it, you get hooked for life!

The essentials

For cross-country touring you want a set of skis that are a bit wider than regular cross-country skis. The reason for this is simply that you will meet some deep powder when you move outside the prepared tracks.

Let’s start with the most obvious and important reason why you should consider this sport:

1. Enjoy nature in a new way

Seeing the world from a pair of skis is somehow different than going on a hike. If you choose to go cross-country touring you will still experience the unique silence of the wilderness but also enjoy the spiritual experience of gliding through a winter world leaving nothing but ski-tracks in the snow.

The main difference from hiking is, that you have the ability to travel huge distances way faster than you would if you were traveling in your hiking boots.

The skis underneath your boots also allow you to go places that just wouldn’t be possible with a set of regular hiking boots. In other words, you will get the ultimate feeling of being one with nature.

2. Achieving a new skillset

If you hike, run or skate you are most likely in good shape, and we would lie if we said, that this was not an advantage if you want to explore cross-country touring.

It’s always fun to learn new stuff, and if you have never skied before learning new stuff will be necessary.

Once you get the hang of it, cross-country skiing will become a very efficient and enjoyable way to experience the beauty of nature.

3. Superb workout

It can come as no surprise that cross-country touring is a great workout. The whole body gets a workout since you use your entire body for achieving the forward motion.

Despite this, cross-country skiing is very gentle on joints and bones since the movements used are way ‘softer’ than from for example running.

4. Increase of balance and visual acuity

Skiing improves your visual acuity, which is your ability to sense terrain changes in bright and low light conditions.

The weight shift in the diagonal stride while gliding on snow increases your balance, which is critically important in all sports but also when we age to prevent falls.

5. A great way to spend time as a family

If a child can walk it can basically learn to ski. Just mount the skis and they will instantly start to practice.

Children are very fast learners, and it won’t take long before your kids are ready to go cabin-to-cabin skiing, and are ready to explore the magnificent wonders of nature.

No snow - Don’t worry

If you like to go hiking in areas where there is no or minimal amounts of snow another option is Nordic skating.

On Nordic skates, you use poles for momentum and stability. The technique is very similar to the one you would use when cross-country skiing, and perfect for skiers who want to train out of season.

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