Four basic exercises that will make you a better skater

Get the maximum efficacy out of your strides, when you're out on your inline skates with these four techniques. They're easy to learn and will give you more speed, endurance, and control.

Next stop on Anders Hauerholt's way to the Berlin Marathon is with his fellow SkatePro blader, and former Speed skater, Trine Brøns, who shows how Anders can optimize his skating technique.

A proper skating technique is key, no matter if you're trying to beat a marathon distance or just going for a training session. Learning to master a few basic strides and stands will make a very big difference and make you go faster and maintain your speed with a very little use of energy.

The four technique exercises are: skating position, bodyweight transfer, one leg balance drill and the push. Check out the four exercises in the video above and feel the difference next time you're out skating.

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