Total BMX: A world class brand

With names such as world star BMX riders Kyle Baldock, Alex Coleborn and Mark Webb riding on their team, the UK rider-owned brand, Total BMX is among the strongest BMX bike brands in Europe.

Total BMX have four, simple company goals: to make high-quality parts that last and are super responsive; to not leap over where the hedge is lowest; to support the Total BMX team; and to support the BMX community.

The men behind these visions are, ex-pro Vert rider, Ronnie Remo and Mark Webb, one of the top world class pro riders with multiple world championships under his belt. The guys basically set out to make a BMX brand that puts the rider first.

A fan favorite

There’s no doubt that the recipe behind Total has proven to be an instant success. Many riders in the BMX community see Total as the number one BMX bike brand, and their frames are selling fast. One of the riders who has “been in love” with Total for a long time is our team rider Inuk Siegstad

The Voltron V2 frame comes in two sizes 20,3" and 20,6"

“I have really been in love with the Total BMX brand since the beginning. I’ve ridden a few different frames from them, such as Mark Webb signature frame, the Voltron V2 Freestyle frame, and the Alex Coleborn frame, which got remade and is now called the Hangover H3 Freestyle frame. Both are so sick to ride, and are just killing it in the park”, says Inuk and continues:

“I’m also a big fan of their park team. I mean they got one of the best teams in the world. Just think Kyle Baldock, Mark Webb and Alex Coleborn - Wow, it's just sick to have all these talented guys on the team".

The hangover H3 comes in white, blue and black

The perfect park frame

It’s no coincidence that Total makes some of the best frames for park riding in the world. This is, for sure, part of the owners “BMX DNA” since both Ronnie Remo and Mark Webb are park riders themselves.

Many of the frames you’ll find in our selection of Total parts have a very low standover, which provides you with a super responsive setup. This makes the BMX bike easier to do tricks such as tailwhips and tricks that require you getting your legs easy over the top tube.

We carry a huge range of parts from Total such as frames, forks, handlebars, sprockets, seats and much more. Check it out here.

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