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Wave Skater Pro presents: The indestructible bodyboard

They say that actions speak louder than words, and in this case, we should agree. Wave Skater Pro has built the virtually indestructible bodyboard, and they have the actions to prove it! Check out the video!

See! We've told you so. The one-piece, compression molded foam of the board makes it a 'tough cookie' to break even for Wave Skater's team rider Ben Gravyy.

Many things can be said, many technical and complicated terms can be tossed into this post but we believe that the video says it all.

The Wave Skater bodyboards can be used all year round - in heat, snow, rain (and apparently at the baggage claim), without showing signs of wear and tear, or decreasing performance. So you are getting not only a bodyboard but wakeboard, surfboard, skimboard, or even snowboard if you like.

The secret? The compression process which creates a higher density and stronger molecular bonded foam makes the closed-cell body of the board resistant to excessive heat, water, and some hard beating.

The textured imprint builds a 'shark's-skin' strength and at the same time allows a perfect lift and buoyancy for easy maneuvering on any wave.

So if you want something built to last and to give you loads of fun in any conditions, give the Wave Skater a try. You can find the model and design that fits you on our SkatePro website and if you got any question, do not hesitate to contact us.

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