Scooter decks: Faster, higher and longer

The designs of scooter decks are changing as the riders are getting older and the tricks are getting bigger, faster and higher. Fortunately, the industry has heard their prayers. Their answer: longer and wider decks.

The world of scootering is evolving fast these years. The kids that have been a part of defining the scene have grown up, and as they have gotten bigger and crazier so has the sport. The riders want more speed and control to take scootering to the next level, and what was seen as the industry standard deck a few years ago, is about to slip into oblivion.

We had a look at why the decks are getting longer and wider, and what this means.

The new standard

So what’s all the fuzz about! Why are more and more park and street riders choosing to go with a wide and long deck?

The answer is simple: The width leaves more room for your feet, which is adding more stability and control when you are doing grinds like Board Slides and Lip Slides. When it comes to why more riders are choosing longer decks it’s about more control at high speed.

The riders are flying higher and further and going faster than ever before, and a longer wheelbase keeps the scooter stable on the ground and in aerial maneuvers. Last up, a long and wide deck has more room for the rider’s feet hence more control and comfort.

A whole new sensation

TSI has always been one of the pioneers when it comes to engineering scooters and developing new technologies. The Boxcutter deck from TSI is a staggering 5.5" in width and 22.2" long which makes it one of the biggest decks available.

The Boxcutter has proven to be a crowd pleaser in the scooter community. One of the riders who use it in his set up is the street and SkatePro team rider, Luis Oppel.

“It’s the best deck I’ve ever ridden. It’s a whole new sensation. It has great room for my feet. You could say it almost has a skateboard vibe to it. The size of the Boxcutter gives me stability and I really feel in control, when I’m doing tricks in the air. This deck really has the potential to do some sick stuff”, says Luis.

Keep it simple

Back when the decks were more narrow, you had to ride with pegs if you wanted to do grind tricks. Nowadays, you don't necessarily need to ride with pegs. A lot of the companies that manufacture wide decks also creates extrusions, which allows you to grind on the deck itself.

Our SkatePro team rider Pol Roman is one of the riders who is enjoying the benefit of a setup without pegs. And when we asked him why his answer was clear.

“I really like to ride a simple setup. My Elite scooter 5,0 deck, just gets the job done. It’s wide which gives me control. Thanks to the extrusions I don’t need pegs, it can just grind on the deck itself", says Pol.

If you want to see how it looks, when Pol is killing it without any pegs, check out the video below.

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