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Tips for the summer longboarding season

Get on a longboard and claim the streets again! If you need a new one, want some change, or maybe want to start longboarding, we made a sweet, short video which will make the choice way easier.

All that said, let's move to the more concrete examples of which board you can pick from each of the categories. And the winners are...


So first on the line are the cruisers. Our first 'contestant' is Sector 9 Merchant. This board is a representative of the pintail cruisers from a cult brand in longboarding. Sector 9 is well-known for their high-quality boards made with 25 years of experience.

carving LONGboards

A carving board worth some attention is the Arbor Timeless longboard. It is a surf-inspired pintail board, optimized for perfect speed stability and maximum push. Getting one of those will also satisfy your 'green ideas' since Arbor aims at producing their boards with as low environmental impact as possible.

Freestyle longboards

On the freestyle 'front' we have the BTFL Debby longboard. The reason why we picked this BTFL board is that you get pretty much everything with it: you can cruise, freeride, freestyle, and dance - all inclusive longboard holiday. Basically, whatever rocks your boat, and just as an addition, it is specifically made for the female riders.

Freeride LONGboards

If you are into freeriding, take a look at the Mindless Voodoo Makali Downhill longboard. This longboard has a modern freeride shape with characteristics similar to a skateboard and no cut-backs on performance. As the name itself shows, it can also be used for downhill longboarding (if speed is what you need).

Dancer longboards

There is one thing we can say for our first pick here: if you want a state of the art dancer, a creme de la creme longboard, then the Loaded Tarab Dancer is for you. 'Nough said!

Then we also have the Elixir Magic which has functional symmetric deck shape, and comes with very high - quality parts. And all this good quality comes wrapped in a friendly price so you can dance out of happiness.


So now that you have the guidance to pick the type of longboard you want, and also some specific suggestions for each category, there is no excuse not meeting you on the streets already tomorrow. And remember, if you have any questions, or you are still in doubt, contact us at SkatePro.

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