This is why we surf at SkatePro! Part 2 - Wakeboarding

We are back with our mini article series about the people at SkatePro and their water passions. This time, we are talking with Ebbe Høgh, our Category manager, and at the same time passionate snowboarder, longboarder, and wakeboarder.

Ebbe is one of those action sport 'geeks', who is the perfect definition of what SkatePro stands for - pure love for action sports.

When winter comes, he has the snowboard strapped to his feet any free minute, when the snow melts, he would hit the wake parks, and when he is not in a mood for water in any of the water states (we know he will invent a way to board gas if needed) he longboards.

And it is that sense of community joined by the passion for boardsports that lures him into the waters, the snow and on the streets.

When and how did you get into wakeboarding, Ebbe?

I started snowboarding about 10 years ago, I absolutely fell in love with it. So much, that I couldn't get enough of it, so I started longboarding in the summer, just to get that same feeling.

Then about 4-5 years ago I started wakeboarding, and I was amazed at how similar to snowboarding it was. So I started because of snowboarding, kept doing it because of wakeboarding.

How does it make you feel when you go waking?

Due to the overlap in required skills, I progressed really fast, which is, of course, truly satisfying. In fact, I believe this is the reason behind my deep satisfaction through all trick-sports - the progression, the feeling of being better today than yesterday.

It is wet, refreshing, great exercise, both mentally and physically, part of a great training across all board sports.

Why should one start?

Wakeboarding behind a cable is, in my opinion, one of the easiest water sports to do. The success rate is stunning, and the feeling of surfing on the water the first time is amazing! If you fail you just fall in the water, so it's not that scary :D

Give me some tips or tricks from your secret stash ;)

Start on a 2.0 system rather than a full-size cable. That is the parks with only one line going straight, where you can go one at a time. The start will be so much easier, and you will have a feeling of success the very first time you try it.

Once you have learned how to surf, try out the full-size cables (the big parks with several lines) and maybe even go behind a boat - it is tons of fun!

Ride sideways on everything you can! You will discover a world of fun, and a great social network as well – today my life & career is built around wakeboarding, longboarding & snowboarding.

Do you also feel tempted to try wakeboarding? Because those of us who haven't tried it yet, here at SkatePro are already getting into the wetsuits and trying out wake boots! If you are, and you need some gear, check our stash of cool wakeboards and gear.

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