Power(bank) To The People!

At SkatePro, we truly love action sports! And we know how annoying it could be for your phone to die in the middle of your session. That is why we bring to you - the SkatePro powerbank!

Everything is perfect, your tricks are coming out beautifully, the sun is shining, your mates are ecstatic while filming you, and then, your phone runs out of battery. A nightmare isn’t it! Keep calm though, we got you covered. All of us at SkatePro have been there and that is why we decided to make the emergency power bank.

Small, practical, and fitting almost any phone

For all of the action sports lovers out there, this tiny energy ball, or square actually, will guarantee you the extra power you need everywhere you go. It is small enough to fit even your pocket, has a universal plug that fits both Android and iPhones, without annoying cables.

Easy and many recharges

When you are in the zone, with your favorite soundtrack on and you feel like a pro in the next Vans movie, the powerbank will make sure that the music won’t die any time soon. It is also very easy to recharge, just plug-in your USB charger. All this up to +500 times, so have many sessions ahead of you and many funky days with your friends.

Get yours now here - show who got the power!

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