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This is why we surf at SkatePro! Part 1 - SUP

As you already know, SkatePro recently entered the fascinating world of surfing. That is why we decided to start a series of small articles about the 'water people' in the office; to show you how the passion for surfing turned some of the SkatePro tribe into experts.

Our first 'guest' interviewee is Martin Ravn, our cinematographer from the Film and Graphics department. Apparently, for years and years, Martin has secretly been SUPing around, apart from taking cool photos for SkatePro. Let's hear it from Martin.

So Martin, why do you do it? What does SUP give you?

Martin: I like to have fun, and I love spending time out in the nature. But for me, it's not only about having fun...I have a deep feeling of being connected to Mother Earth and especially the ocean.

And as Xavier Rudd once sang: "I've stood free on solid waves, mother earth's greatest treat", I can only agree on that the waves are her greatest treat. The energy that you feel in the waves and the wind when surfing fills you up with that same energy. It´s all connected throughout the universe...

What I also like about Stand Up Paddling is that I can spend time on the ocean, even when it's flat, which is a good thing!

When and how did you start SUPing?

Martin: The reason why I started Stand Up Paddle surfing is that after my girlfriend and I, got our first child, 5 years ago, I wanted to spend time with him and not rigging up my windsurf gear every time I went on the water.

Now, after I got a SUP board, I can be in the water within 15 min. after I leave my home, having some good time, and getting my energy charged; finally, it all adds up to a lot more time with my family.

Can you give 3 tips or tricks about SUP? One will also be fine if it is a good one ;)


No 1 - Learn to read the ocean;

No 2 - Leave your worries at the beach and enjoy being in the moment;

No 3 - I don't like to be competitive and stuff like that, so chill out and remember that in the end, it's all about having as much fun as possible while we are still here...

What would you compare SUPing with? (you can get poetic if you want)

Martin: As mentioned before, I feel like I'm getting recharged by the energy in nature and the ocean, so for me, it's almost like meditation.

If I go paddling in a calm sea, where I feel my breath tap into the rhythm of the strokes and the small, slow swell, I can get in a state of mind that reminds me of meditation.

And when I get back to shore and feel the sand under my feet, I really feel that connection to Mother Nature.

I get reminded that we all have to take good care of our beautiful planet.

Here, we have nothing else to add. Martin says it just as it is and should be - it is all about the passion and love for the ocean. Stay tuned for the next article in this series about 'the liquid inspiration'.

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