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Kids inline skates: How to choose the right pair for your kid

Strapping on a pair of inline skates is not only a great and easy way for your child to have fun outside but it also improves their motor skills, strength, and balance. But what kind of skate should you choose for your kid? It’s actually quite easy.

One of the most common questions we get is “How much should I invest in a pair of skates for my kid?”

Well let us put it this way: A pair of skates in the lower price range is great if your kid wants to skate around in the driveway or on a closed road. But as soon as he or she gets more adventurous and moves out on the street or pavement, we recommend getting a better pair of skates.

Getting a pair of kid skates in a higher price range might seem like a big investment, but it’s worth it in the long run. Buying a more advanced skate, you’ll provide your child with a piece of equipment that will still perform as your kid is getting better.

Here at SkatePro, we're considering inline skates for kids as a piece of equipment on the same level as a pair of adult skates. This is also why the skates you'll find at our shop will differentiate from skates you will find at a toy store.

The bearings, wheels, and boot are simply made better materials and in the end, this will not only mean that it will up the learning curve for your child but also increase the chance of the sport to catch on.

Fit for fun

Kids are often spending hours on their skates playing around and racing each other all day long, so comfort and support is an important issue to address.

With a skate like the K2 Marlee BOA, your child will get the best of both worlds: A soft inner boot provides him or her with great comfort, and thanks to the BOA system your kid's foot will be locked in place, for the best support possible.

Support is especially important for kids who have never been on a pair of inline skates before since they still need to build up muscle strength in their ankles and legs.

Easy to put on

A pair of kids skates does not only need to be comfortable to wear, but it should also be easy to put on. The little ones should be able to strap them on and take them off without waiting for an adult to come and help them.

It can be challenging for small children to get their feet into the boot, and after they’re done skating they often also struggle to get their foot out of the skate without dragging the liner out. A brand that has taken on the problem and solved it is Rollerblade with their Spitfire SL Inline Skate.

This is one of the easiest skates to put on, and the strap system is easy to buckle, so your little skater will be good to go in no time.

Like many of our inline skates for kids, both the K2 Marlee BOA and the Rollerblade Spitfire has a boot shell that extend over four shoe sizes; This means that the skates will grow with the size of your child’s feet.

Well-tested technology

Many of the kid skates we sell are made by the same brands as our adult skates. This is also why you can find things like the BOA technology on both kids and adult skates. In short: All new technologies are tested out on adult skates, and if it seems to be a success, the brands transfer it to their kids' skates.

One of the hot trends in the world of inline skates right now is triskates. This kind of skate features three wheels, which makes it easier to gain speed and the maneuverability are out of this world. Furthermore, triskates don't get stuck as easily as normal skates, when going over rough surfaces.

So, this year Powerslide decided to take the technology of the triskate and transfer it into a kids inline skate. The result is the high-end Jet Kids Inline Skates. It’s not only a triskate, but it also a super light skate, which means that you got less weight on your feet. Furthermore, the skate has great support and a durable shell, and with its extendable shell that spans over four shoe sizes, your child gets a pair of skates that will perform all the way.

These three skates are only a few of the many kid inline skates we carry. You can find the rest of our huge selection of inline skates for kids here.

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