When you dream of skis you dream of this

Photo by: Völkl

Is it time to replace your skis, boots or bindings? Or maybe you have taken a step up the skill-ladder and need some new gear that can keep up with you and let you progress even further?

No matter what scenario brought you here, the ski hardware in this article will do the trick. We have carefully picked out some high-end gear for the skiers who would like to take their game to the next level.

Let's start with the skis.

The Völkl ski pictured on the left is in the class that pro downhill skiers use. In other words, it’s a state of the art downhill ski. The model comes with premounted rMotion2 12 GW race bindings which also is optimized for high speed.

The ski on the right from Black Crows is one of the best skis available if you want a ski that is suitable for both on and off-piste. The partial twin tip combined with the wide waist makes them great for the experienced skier that wants to explore the whole mountain. These skis come without bindings, which gives you the opportunity to build the best possible set up for your needs.

High-end boots like the two below from Salomon and Dalbello will really give you the opportunity to take your skiing to the next level. Both models are rather stiff, but a lot of effort has been put into providing a high comfort at the same time.

Both boots have a ‘walk or ski’ switch which makes walking in the boots more comfortable. While the boot from Salomon is great for both on and off-piste, the Dalbello boot is primarily made for off-piste.

Below you see two different bindings from Marker that produces some of the most well-known bindings on the planet. The Jester 16 ID is very stable and has numerous specs that prevent pre-release in tight maneuvers.

Even though the Kingpin 13 is made for touring, it has some resemblance with the 100 % on piste bindings since they have a very efficient power transfer. The toe system allows a quick step in no matter what conditions the backcountry has to offer.

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