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A skateday with Dannie Carlsen

Dannie Carlsen and the rest of the Danish Globe team dropped by SkatePro and the Omega skatepark, doing the Dannie Carlsen Mahalo SG Colorway Release Tour. And without giving any spoilers - they shredded the hell out of the flow area.

The sun is shining outside the SkatePro headquarters, a white van is rolling into the parking lot. The red sticker in the side window reveals that the Danish Globe Team has arrived.

The manager barely gets to engage the handbrake before a bunch of guys, lead by Danny Carlsen are skating the little outdoor skatepark outside the SkatePro shop. This is the sixth stop on the tour, marking that Dannie is the first skater to get a colorway since legendary Danish skater, Rune Glifberg.

Place: SkatePro outdoor skatepark, skater: Dannie Carlsen, trick: 180 Nosegrind

Though the guys are psyched about the little outdoor skate park in front of the shop, the main event of this session is the Omega Skatepark, and the guys from the Globe Team are pretty excited to hit the flow area and the ramps of the indoor park.

“I’ve never been to Omega before, so I’m pretty excited to see what it’s all about. We talked about the foam pit at the park! We really want to try it out”, says Dannie and takes off once again, this time to do a BS. Smith Grind battle with the rest of the guys.

Flying high

Place: Omega Skatepark, skater: Søren Noe, trick: Melon

After a little while, we get Danny rounded up and signing autographs to some of the spectators inside the store. Finally, it’s time for the session at Omega Skatepark. The guys skate at full throttle for several hours and judging from the look on their faces, they’re enjoying themselves.

When we ask Dannie what he thinks of the skate park his answer is clear:

“ I really enjoyed skating the flow area. I love that it’s made of wood. It’s just a lot softer to crash on than concrete”, he laughs and adds:

Place: Omega Skatepark, skater Noah Graetsch, trick: 5-0 Grind
“It’s great that it has so many big jump boxes and ramps. These days a lot of parks are made of concrete and features small obstacles because they are made for street, so when we can hit a place like this it’s great”, says Dannie.

Get inspired

Place: SkatePro outdoor skatepark, skater: Jonas “Ginger” Bünger, trick: Bs. smith grind

The Globe Tour takes around Dannie Carlsen, Jonas “Ginger” Bünger, Søren Noe and Stefan Uldendorf to skate with local skaters at nine places in Denmark. Besides hoping to inspire others, Danny also hopes to learn a little himself:

“ I get inspired by other skaters all the time. I think it’s healthy to skate with a bunch of different people if you want to get better. If you always skate with the same people in the same park, you’ll quickly get stuck in a routine. But by skating with new people from all over, You’ll often see that they do things differently and then you get new ideas", says Dannie.

Sounds like a fun day? Then be sure to check out the recap of the session with the Danish Globe Team in the top. Want to skate with the guys? Check the picture below to see where you can join the guys at the Dannie Carlsen Mahalo SG Colorway Release Tour.

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