Riding concrete waves - YOW surf skate is here

A flat day? The sun is shining but the waves are nowhere to be seen? Or maybe the ocean is too far from the city you are stuck in...breath in, breath out, and hang loose. The Your Own Wave surf skate is the solution.

Now it is possible to bring the surf feel on the streets! With the innovative truck systems of Your Own Wave (YOW) you get extra pivot and extra flexibility from your board so that you can perform the same movements as if on a surfboard.

You can improve your surfing skills or simply enjoy a 'wavy' ride whenever you want. The YOW system also allows you to adjust the responsiveness of your board by changing the distance between the wheels. Switching to a shorter wheelbase can give you sharper and bolder turns, while a broader distance between the wheels will help you make smoother, wider turns.

To top it up, the YOW surf skates come in beautiful, surf-inspired, deck designs. Sunny, Huntington beach, mandala deck, or a classic signature surf look? Your Own Wave captures the spirit of surfing in every detail - from the wheels and bearings to the grip tape. Pick yours on our website and conquer the streets!

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