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Ola amigos! Check them surf ponchos out!

You are out at the beach with some friends, you found the perfect spot but now you need to change into your wetsuit. There is no changing room or anywhere to hide, or maybe it is too far. No worries, we got you covered. Literally - covered!

Having one of those surf ponchos is not just an accessory but often a necessity. They make sneaking in and out of your wetsuit way easier, quicker, and get you dry and warm.

They can come in different lengths, sleeve sizes, cool designs and...have both adults' and kids' versions. You can get the regular straight poncho or one with kangaroo pocket, or even side false pockets which allow you to pull your wetsuit up without getting your arms out of the sleeves. In this video we are showing you the Rip Curl Old Gold poncho, a Mystic adult and toddler one, and ION poncho with the side pockets we just mentioned.

Which one is yours?

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