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The ski twins conquer LAAX

Yes, and the trouble is double! Remember the story of the twin's mom? We promised a follow up after their very first competition abroad, first coaching outside of the UK, and, well, first time up on the mountain slopes.

Fynnlay and Cassius Loupis, and their mom Paula (whom you already know) just came back from LAAX, Switzerland. And they didn't come empty-handed! Fynnlay came home with gold in Big Air, and silver in Slopestyle, while Cassius got gold in Slopestyle, and two bronzes in Big Air and Halfpipe. Not bad for a first time on real snow, isn't it.

Now, it is their turn to tell their story...and what a better way of interviewing 99.9 % identical twins, asking them the same questions (while mom Paula cooperates and sends one of them to his room) and comparing their answers.

1. How was the feel up on the mountain? How was it different from the dry slopes?

Cassius: I feel like it’s a lot easier and not that stressful because you know that when you land it’s not going to hurt as much as on a dry slope.

Fynnlay: It was very different from the dry slopes because the jumps and the speeds change over time, which I am not quite used to. Especially the speeds changing. And you can actually use your edges in the snow so you can land stuff easier.

2. What was the best thing that happened to you during this trip?

Cassius: Winning the slopestyle gold!

Fynnlay: Just the fact that I was skiing in a real park all day and then going through all of the woods on the way down.

3. Is there something you would change, if you could, during this trip.

Cassius: I think I could have done better in the half-pipe because I did go a lot bigger during practice and I did sounder tricks on practice but I didn’t get to actually land them as well as I could have in the actual competition.

Fynnlay: My run in slopestyle, I could have done better. Could have changed two of the tricks...probably would have gotten the best score.

4. So which is your favorite discipline; since we are talking about competitions?

Cassius: Slopestyle

Fynnlay: Big Air, of course. It’s just easier to do one trick and not to link every trick that you do.

5. What’s next, what is the plan from now on?

Cassius: Just skiing more competitions

Fynnlay: The next dry slope jam and then I’ve got the indoor English championships.

6. Ok, let's go a bit broader, away from the competitions and talk skiing for you in general. If skiing was a dish, what would it be and why? Could be your favorite one, and if you tell me french fries I would totally understand you :D

Cassius: Chips… I don’t know why; they are just nice!

Fynnlay: McDonald’s, because it’s nice...a McDonald’s chicken burger. Yeah…(dreamily)

7. And where do you dream of going to a competition?

Cassius: I want to go back to LAAX, and I wanted to go to Livigno (IT).

Fynnlay: I went to LAAX, which was one of them. And I want to go to Stubai and I want to go to the Olympics, and the X-games, and Dew Tour.

8. What is your biggest dream? I got some insights from your mom before but I want to hear what you have to say.

Cassius: Going to the X-games or to the Olympics. (This is a firm confirmation of also what Paula, the twins’ mom, said in her interview).

Fynnlay: Getting a medal in the Olympics.

9. Who’s your idol?

Cassius: James Woods

Fynnlay: Steve Stepp

10. If I were someone that had never skied before, how would you explain me the feeling of skiing to me?

Cassius: It would be like...when you are on a really big kicker and you see the knuckle, it’s like flying.

Fynnlay: It feels really good when you progress when you feel you are getting better. It just feels really good when you are progressing.

11. And will you take your mom to your competitions when you are a famous skier as well?

Cassius: Probably yes (laughs).

Fynnlay: Yeah! (quite assertively)

12. Last one. Who is a better skier - you or your brother?

Cassius: Me. He will say him but …

Fynnlay: Don’t know, because we win different competitions.

And they are indeed different! Despite the fact that they are 99.9% identical twins, the boys differ when it comes to skiing, and we are so proud to have two talented riders on our pro team. With the recent addition of Picture Organic Clothing as a sponsor, we are sure that the best is yet to come. Their journey is just beginning and there is no doubt there will be a lot more to see and write about the twin brothers - Cassius and Fynnlay Loupis.

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