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On a skateboarding tour with team rider Olle Blomquist

Olle Blomquist is packing his backpack for a long-weekend tour. And no, he is not a rockstar, it is way better - he is one of our skate team riders. The tour starts with coming to Denmark, then skating in Germany and wrapping it up with some more skating in Holland. Want to know how it is to tour? Check this quick chat with Olle.

Is this your first time touring?

It’s my first time touring in Europe with a team of riders. Otherwise, I have been touring in Sweden.

How often do you do it and where?

For the last couple of years, I have been touring in Sweden almost every year skating competing and filming. I love filming video parts and just trying to progress.

How does the planning of a tour go?:

Plan all the main destinations you want to visit and then just be spontaneous and stop on the way when you see a cool place to skate. I like to be prepared so I bring a lot of boards and other stuff you need. A fresh playlist of music is very important!

Tell me a funny story from a previous tour.

I was touring in Sweden and skated a competition, and I twisted my ankle really bad during practice, 5 minutes before the competition started. I really wanted to compete so I took painkillers and I put a lot of bandage on my foot and skated anyway. Afterwards, I couldn’t walk on the foot for a couple of weeks.

Why do you tour?

I love the atmosphere of being on tour, and I can feel that I progress as a skateboarder but also as a person.

So does touring make a better skater?

I think that it’s important to skate different places so your mind can experiment and you don’t get stuck in the same tricks and spots.

What is the best part about it?

Skating together as a team, meeting new people and seeing new places; sharing tricks and try to bring skateboarding to the next level.

Do you tour alone or with a crew, or a team?

Mostly I have traveled with one or two persons in the past but now I am part of two teams because I have two sponsors so it’s going to be more traveling as a team I think.

How does it feel being in a team?

It’s amazing! Just to be able to progress together and pushing each other to be better riders and just have fun.

How far would you travel for skateboarding?

All around the world.

We believe there is not much to say after this. Maybe only - pack your bags, get your board and skate on. After all, the world is full of spots waiting to be discovered.

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