Our best advice: Don’t rush it when buying ski hardware

Photo by: Steph Candé

Perhaps you have been on a few ski holidays where you have rented your equipment? And maybe you are now considering to go all the way and buy your own gear? If this is the case, we have gathered a few reasons to keep renting and a few reasons to start buying.

If you end up buying your ski hardware, we have picked out some equipment that is great for the first-time buyer. These will be presented later in the article along with some of our buying guides.

If you on the other hand already own a set of skis, boots and bindings but are considering to upgrade you can skip the first part of this article, or you can read this article with our high-end products for advanced to pro riders.

Reasons to rent:

  • You can rent skis that are tailored to the local conditions.
  • Don’t worry about transportation.
  • Don’t worry about maintenance.
  • Save money on transportation. For this reason, some choose to only bring their own boots and rent the skis and bindings at the resort.

Reasons to buy:

  • You get to know your skis.
  • No problems with sore feet due to boots that don't fit.
  • In the long run: Owning is cheaper.
  • No problems with bindings that are poorly adjusted.
  • Less hassle when you get to the resort = more time on the slopes.
  • You can choose your own personal style.

So take a few minutes, hours or days to consider what your needs are.

If you decide to buy - keep reading

If you decide to buy new skis, boots and bindings the two most important things to consider are your skill level and where on the mountain you want to ski. Let's start with the skis:

Both the Rossignol and the Völkl skis shown below are great for skiers who like to fly down the prepared pistes. The main difference is in the waist width, where the Völkl's slightly wider design is perfect if you like to spend time exploring the off-piste. Both skis have premounted bindings which make them the perfect choice if you don't want to explore the science of ski-bindings.

We have also made this in-depth ski-buying guide for you to check out.

Both the Dalbello and the Salomon boots below have very comfortable liners and shells, but the model from Salomon combines comfort and stiffness in a way that also makes it suitable for advanced skiers.

When it comes to the ski boots, flex and comfort are two major factors to consider. The lower the flex number the more flexible the boots are. If you want to learn more about what flex to choose, you should take a look at this guide.

If you want to learn more about choosing the right ski boots, you should check out this guide.

As we mentioned earlier in this article, it can be quite a task to become an expert in ski bindings and a lot of skiers choose to buy a ski with pre-mounted bindings. If you are in a situation where you need a set of bindings, the two bindings below are excellent choices for most first-time buyers.

The bindings from Marker and Salomon both have a low stand height and therefore provide great balance. This is useful both on the pistes and the park. Overall these two binding systems are great for lightweight skiers.

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