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K2 Trio 100 inline skates: When comfort, speed & agility is key

These amazing inline skates from the 2018 K2 collection are one of the top roller blades to hit the streets this year. With its tri-skate setup, 100mm wheels and the comfort and support that K2 skates are known for, we’re sure that the K2 Trio 100 will become an instant classic among inline skaters.

Whether you’re up for a quick stroll around your neighborhood, doing urban riding or planning to take on a marathon, these inline skates got you covered. The K2 Trio’s are build to give you a smooth and fast ride, thanks to its tri-wheeled setup with 3 x 100mm wheels you'll be sure to be able to get over cracks and bumps easily and maintaining roll better than smaller wheels.

Furthermore, the Tri-wheeled setup offers you a pair of skates which is super responsive and highly maneuverable. This technology has been gaining ground since 2016/2017 and can be by anyone, from the beginners to the pros.

A snug and comfortable fit

Copyright: K2

K2 skates are known for their great comfort and support, and the company has once again impressed us when it comes to the boot. The Trio features a highly breathable boot, which will keep your feet dry and at a comfortable temperature.

Furthermore, the boot of the K2 Trio 100 is equipped with a cuff that will give you great support, a key feature for keeping comfortable no matter if you're out for a quick stroll or a longer trip. Lacing is done the good-old way with laces and a couple of straps that help secure your feet without constricting your movements too much.

The Boot of the Trio is highly breathable and has good support around the ankle. Lacing is done the good-old way with lacing and a couple of straps that help secure your feet without constricting your movements too much.

A frame for everything you'll need

Copyright: K2

The Trio skate has another awesome secret to it. K2 have decided to attach the frame to the skate with a UFS mouthing. This gives you the unique possibility to turn your skates into a more aggressive-like skate by replacing the solid aluminum Trio frame with any UFS type frame. This leaves you with the possibility to get lower to the ground and practice aggressive turns and stops.

The frame on the Trio gives you the possibility of a rocker setup, which means that by changing the wheel in the middle to a bigger size, you’ll get incredible weaving and turns of freestyle skaters.

Copyright: K2

The K2 Trio 100 comes in a Blue color which you can find here, and also in a sweet red and grey version is available here.

Copyright: K2

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