Fight climate change while riding

Meet Picture. Yet just not another clothing company. Since its birth, Picture has been focusing on sustainability and eco-friendliness, and now they turn it up a notch.

Photo credit: Louis Garnier, Thomas Delfino

We get 20 degrees in mid-December and a massive snowfall in May. The recent years this seems to be turning into an unusual trend in several corners of the world. And all of us, skiers, snowboards, or simply mountain lovers are ready to break down and cry when we see the rain falling all the way up to the top, instead of our beloved snowflakes.

Know the feeling? Take action!

Well, there is something you can do about this when you ride. Picture Organic Clothing has decided to challenge themselves and the whole industry to fight climate change and traditional manufacturing practices.

We met one of the founders of Picture, Julien Durant at ISPO Munich 2018 and almost got tears of joy hearing about their innovative projects. The company is now making 100% recyclable outwear products which means that at the end of its 'life,' the jacket can be recycled just as easy as a plastic bottle.

Photo credit: Louis Garnier, Janne Lipsanen, Bulgaria

Do you love them already? Wait, there is more. Approximately 60% of Picture's products are made of recycled polyester, which means that one of their jackets sums up to ca. 50 recycled plastic bottles.

Maybe the water bottle you drank from yesterday is part of your new jacket!

Also, compared to 99% of the manufacturers in the tech garment industry, Picture is now producing 100% PFC free (perfluorocarbon) water-repellent membrane, which performs just as well as any other without being harmful to the environment.

And who says recycling can't be fun? Picture are also re-using all their production scraps and raw materials into making colorful, funky lining to minimize their waste.

If you want to know more, check out the video below and get inspired. If you want more of Picture, try looking at our shelves here.

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