Lucky Lunar: Superior in look and performance

Get ready for the new scooter season with these sweet wheels from Lucky. These bad boys will not only make your scooter stand out from the crowd, but also give you the smoothest ride you’ve ever tried.

A fresh pair of wheels will make a huge difference when you’re riding boxes, rails and verts in the skatepark or jumping stairs, grinding ledges and curbs in the street. It’s all about the ability to maintain speed and stability when you want to perform your best.

A wheel like no other

This is where the Lucky Lunar comes in. These epic wheels will provide you with the speed, grip and balance you need to take it to the to next level, all thanks to the Lucky Rebound Technology ™, which secures that you'll end up with a quality wheel.

With the hollow core construction, the Lucky Lunar wheels are the lightest wheels from Lucky. So whether you're looking for a light wheel for your park or street setup, the Lucky Lunar wheels got you covered.

It is not without a reason that this wheel has become a favorite for pro riders such as Cody Flom and JonMarco Gaydos, who both have their own signature version of the Lunar wheel.

All the way through

The design of the Lucky Lunar is all about sweet patterns. No matter if you're into graphics of flowers, Japanese art or graffiti, you can be sure to find a design that fits your preference among the range of Lunar wheels.

Furthermore, the guys at Lucky Pro Scooters have also given us the possibility to stand out from the crowd with colored Urethane so that you can add some personality to your scooter setup.

If you haven't checked out the video above yet, don't miss out.

You can find the awesome range of Lucky Lunar wheels right here.

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