Roces kids skates: A start to a lifelong passion

Skates are for sure a spring hit among the youngest. Get your kids rolling with these great quads and inline skates from Roces.

Skating is not only a fun and healthy way to get some fresh air, it's also a social thing you can do with your friends and family and is there a more obvious time than now when the birds are coming back, and the trees and flowers are bursting out in bloom.

Spring is here, and it’s time to get out and about. What better way to do that than on a pair of skates. With the Roces Jokey inline skates or the Roces Quaddy side-by-sides, your kids are well equipped to have hours of fun outside in the warm weather.

No matter what skate you choose for your kids, you’ll be sure to get a great beginner skate for your kid.

Kids grow fast, and Roces know that. This is also why the company has made both skates size adjustable up to 4 sizes. Roces have made it very easy and quick to adjust the size.

A part of learning to skate is also falling. The Jokey and the Quaddy have a hard and durable shell which protects the foot and ankle. Furthermore, the hard shell provides great support and something that’s key when you’re trying skating for the first time.

It’s important to feel comfortable when you're out on your skates no matter if it only for a few minutes, or hours. This is why the Jokey and the Quaddy skates have a soft boot made from Eco Mesh, which makes sure that your kid feet are always dry, ventilated and comfortable.

You can find the Roces Jokey in blue here and an awesome white and pink version of the Jokey here.

The Quaddy also comes in a blue version and a white and pink version.

Oh yeah, remember it always nice to play it safe. Find the protection you need here.

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