Commuting made sexy

Let's face it, every morning we lose precious minutes of sleep because we need to get up early for the bus (that, ironically is always late) to get to work, school, university etc. Often, this scenario includes walking for what seems like hours in the morning but how about an electric skateboard?

The Morning Torment

Yes, you can associate with this 'pain' if you are reading further. Have you ever wondered - "How did society come up with the idea that 8 am is a reasonable start of the workday, and where were I when this decision was made?" Well, probably sleeping, like the rest of us grumpy-heads in the morning.

But do not fall in desperation! We have the solution - electric longboards and electric scooters. Those babies can save you some precious time which you would normally use on walking or rushing to the bus/train/metro etc.

Also, if you are a gear freak, those motorized skateboards are surely going to boost your day and supply you with the daily dose of fun.

What makes the electric gadgets sexy?

In any other instance, practicality would not be considered sexy but here it counts. Think about that - instead of walking 15 minutes to your bus and then 15 more when you get off, you can take your electric scooter, for example, and cut it to 10 minutes in total.

You will say, why not biking? The answer - bikes are bulky and take space, plus, getting on the bus with one of those will be a hard task. The e-boards and e-scooters, however, are more compact and easy to carry around. And the bonus - you save yourself from the sweat 'cookies' under the armpits on your fine shirt or blouse.

They are also way easier to navigate among people and on busy streets. If you are crossing a park or the main street on your way, the electric- 'commute accessories' come way more in handy among the others in terms of control and space.

Leaving your green footprint

Apart from being very practical, a good exercise, and time-saving, commuting with an electric skateboard or scooter is a fun way to leave your green footprint. On a nice sunny day, you can always leave the car and enjoy a 'surf' ride on your e-longboard, which will charge you with positive vibes and help you accomplish your eco-friendly deed for the day.

If this sounds tempting, get your helmet on and check SkatePro's website and pick your 'vehicle' of choice!

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