Dannie Carlsen: Around the Globe (shoe)

24-year-old skater Dannie Carlsen is the first Danish skateboarder to get a colorway since legendary Danish skateboarder Rune Glifberg. We had a talk with Dannie about how it is to get your own colorway, the upcoming Globe Tour and about the rush you get from skating.

Most young skaters dream of going pro and get their names on skateboards, clothing and shoes. But it takes a lot of bruises, road rashes, clean lands and skills to get there. Dannie Carlsen is one of the ones to have made it.

“Of course it was something I dreamt about when I started skating at the age of 10, so when it happened, I was so overwhelmed. It’s something special, but it also took me 14 years to get that colorway (color variation/personal design) ”, Dannie says.

A kick like no other

So what is Dannie’s secret recipe to not only be one of the most technical skaters in the Danish skateboard scene but also be so good that he got his own colorway? When I ask him his answer is pretty straightforward:

“Never give up. That’s the only way you get good. If you dream of going pro you need skills. Sometimes it takes hours to land a trick clean, and you might be close to giving up, but when you finally lock it -wow man, it’s a kick like no other”, says Dannie and adds:

“Sometimes it just takes time. Like the other day, where I had to film a trick, it took two hours before I nailed it. That's just how it goes sometimes, but this is also an important part of getting better.”

A shoe that fits

Ever since Dannie started skating, he skated both street, bowl and vert, but there’s especially one thing that’s Dannie’s favorite, the mini ramp.

“ I just love the mini ramp you know. You can do so many different tricks; you can go on forever, you don't slam that much. Last up, there’s just a good flow on a mini ramp”, says Dannie.

Dannie's colorway is based on The Mahalo shoe, but the Dannie Carlsen model also features an update around the cup-sole area, thanks to an impact sole, which absorbs impacts when you land.

“It lives up to all my demands, The shoe has flex, gives a great board feel and holds up well. It fits well on the feet and it's easy to break in, and the insoles are killer. It’s just a nice all-around shoe for street, bowl, vert and mini ramp. I really like it," he says.

As a tribute to both Denmark and Copenhagen, where Dannie is from, the shoe features a Danish flag in the outsole. Furthermore, the insole features a graphic of Christianshavn, the part of Copenhagen, where Danny grew up.

Shredding Denmark

If you haven't seen Dannie shred in real life yet, now is your chance. In connection with the new colorway shoe, the Danish Globe Team is hitting the road and are visiting nine places around Denmark.

“I’m really looking forward to getting out there and skate a lot of skate parks and meet up with people. It's going to be me, Jonas “ginger” Bünger, Søren Noe and Stefan Uldendorf, so there’s going to be a lot of sick skating,” he says.

Most of the places that the Globe Team is going to visit on tour are old acquaintances. But one of the skate parks is quite special to Dannie.

“Actually I’ve never been to the Omega Skatepark yet, so I’m really looking forward to testing it out together with the rest of the crew. I’m sure we’re going to have a fun time there”, he says.

Dannie and the rest of the Danish Globe Team will be visiting the SkatePro shop and Omega Skatepark in Søften the 21st of April. Check out the program for the event here.

The goal of the tour is of course to promote the Globe brand and the guys from the Danish Globe Team, but there's one more very important goal with the tour according to Dannie:

“I hope that this tour can be an inspiration to the kids that come to see us skate, so they choose skateboarding instead of scootering, soccer and PlayStation,” he says.

Furthermore, rumors have it that an edit is also going to hit the streets after the tour is over.

You can find the new Globe Mahalo Dannie Carlsen Skate shoes here.

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