These gentlemen have raised close to 5 million dollars

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Almost five million USD was raised for fighting prostate cancer and mental health problems among gentlemen.

If you have seen a bunch of bikers dressed in suits and ties cruising around your town on motorcycles, you might have wondered what the “beep” they were up to.

Well - here is your answer: They were probably a part of ‘The distinguished gentlemen's ride’.

This international event focuses on helping other gentlemen who have been dealt a tough hand in life. In particular, they raise funds to research into prostate cancer and mental health programs as part of their mission to support men’s health globally.

In Copenhagen, the Danish capital city, Knuckle Grease Garage was hosting the ride where more than 550 bikers participated. SkatePro contributed by donating a retro BMX from Haro to an auction. An auction that had quite some different products under the hammer: Jewelry, helmets, leather jackets and some Kevin Magnussen signed merchandise were auctioned away.

Why a retro BMX?

But why a retro BMX for a biker auction? Here is what the organizer Morten Fogh has to say about that:

“The connection is pretty clear. Most of us at Knuckle Grease Garage loves everything retro, and when we grew up in the 80’s we all wanted this bike. So when HARO made this reproduction it was obvious that it should be a part of the auction,” he says.

Along with a similar parade in Aarhus, the bikers managed to raise more than 100.000 USD for fighting prostate cancer and mental health problems among fellow gentlemen. The funds raised by ‘The distinguished gentlemen's ride’ are donated to the Movember Foundation - the world’s largest men’s health organization.

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