10-meter kitesurf jump and other water sports goals for 2018

At the beginning of 2017, Jakob Høy Biegel, our founder, and CEO at SkatePro made the New Year’s resolution that he will hit a 10-meter jump on his kiteboard. Current status - 9.7 meters (Want proof? Check the bottom of this article). But SkatePro is also making a big jump by entering the water sports category!

The reason, why Jakob hasn’t reached his goal in 2017, is quite an understandable and very credible alibi - he has been preparing for the launch of the water sports’ category at SkatePro. But not reaching his personal best in kitesurfing means that he managed to introduce kitesurfing, and all kind of other exciting sports, to all of us. So as of today, water sports are officially part of SkatePro’s catalog (fireworks here, please).

“It is like the circle is full now”, says Jakob when asked about the introduction of the water sports category.

Moreover, he explains the history and the silver-lining behind taking the step of expanding the company’s portfolio. Way back in 2005, on a snowboard holiday, one of his friends suggested Jakob to try kitesurfing just to get the feeling of snowboarding in mountain-less Denmark. And it was a perfect solution for Jakob because, as he says:

“You need a lot of wind. But Denmark is always windy!”

And since 2005 he has been hooked on kitesurfing and has dreamed of adding the water sports to SkatePro. The logic behind it is:

“When I go snowboarding now, I can transfer a lot of my kitesurfing skills into the snowboard. When I recently started riding longboards, which is strange because I have always been an inline skater, I could feel that some of the skills that I have from snowboarding and from kitesurfing I could also use with my longboard. There is a natural connection between these sports”.

Inspiration, dreams, and kites...

Every day, when he wakes up in the morning and puts on his loose, comfy pants, a shirt and sneakers to meet at the office, Jakob is inspired to come to work. The reason? His passion and his job are intertwined and always seem to manage to get him out of bed and meet on time (or even earlier).

“It’s the fact that we make people happy. We give them the right equipment, we make sure that they have a good experience and thus, hopefully, make a positive impact on their life. And that’s actually what is important for me”, shares Jakob.

And moving from his passion to inspiration, and how he inspires the other people around him, Jakob has a clear and easy recipe:

“ I think my secret is that I have no secret. I have no secret plans, I have no hidden agenda. In business sometimes people have this - they say things, but they only do it because they have to. And that’s basically it - I am who I am ”.

His dreams are just as simple, and simultaneously, just as inspiring and beautiful:

“Basically, my dream is to go kitesurfing as much as possible, while I am still able to. I’ve got friends who got injured or got too old for it. I want to do it as much as possible before I get an injury myself one day...Then, on the more personal side, I really like the idea that I take good care of my family and my kids, they will grow up with good values and have a fun and interesting life

So now we are all looking forward to a year full of waves, winds, boards, kites and other exciting gear in the house. Of course, we will also keep track on Jakob’s attempts to hit that 10-meter jump. Stay posted and...Aloha!

P.S. If you still can't believe it, here is what the 'officials' say:

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