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Breaking news: SkatePro launches water sport category

As of today - 19/03/2018, we at SkatePro will also include water sports equipment in our online catalog.

After long months of preparation, we are excited and ready to dive into deep waters with the water sports gear on our product list. For now, there are a few major segments and sports that will be focused on: wetsuits, wakeboarding, skimboarding, bodyboarding, SUP, and kitesurfing, together with some protection gear and accessories. In the upcoming seasons, SkatePro is hoping to include more and more products to the action sports category into this newly established unit.

Starting up solely with inline skates, SkatePro has now evolved into a company with hands in various action sports - scooters, BMX, skates, skate-, and longboarding, winter sports, and as of today, watersports.

“There is a natural connection between these (action) sports...It is like the circle is full now”, says Jakob Biegel, CEO and founder of SkatePro in regards to the launch.

So we are all looking forward to a house full of water gear and if you are stoked just as we are, you can already pre-order your water equipment at our website.

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