Alien Workshop: Out of this world

The Ohio-based skateboard company has outdone themselves once again with their Embrace Mars deck series, which not are not only build to perform great but also has some sick looking graphic.

The Embrace Mars decks are the latest addition to a long range of innovative designs from Alien Workshop. This series of skateboard decks features 3D stereoscopic graphics that enables you to see what the Mars Rover sees.

To make it even crazier, the guys from Alien Workshop have thrown an old school pair of 3D glasses together with each deck, which means that you can put on the glasses and watch the Marcian landscape pop out of your skateboard.

Classic quality

With a construction consisting of 7 layers of rock hard Canadian plywood, you're sure to get a deck that's not only sturdy but also have great pop.

With it's medium concave and double kicktail this board is a great all-around deck for street, park, bowl or vert.

No matter if you're a beginner or a pro, this board will simply fit your needs.

Get your Embrace Mars Deck here.

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