Blading: Sweet spring models

Spring is here, and so are the new inline models from Powerslide. We’re pretty stoked about all the new upgrades and we're not shy to say, that the blades from Powerslide are stronger than ever.

A new high: There’s no doubt that comfort and speed are the buzzwords when it comes to this year's upgrades on the Powerslide Swell series.

With a reworked shell, which includes new softer cuff with more flex in the ankle area and RECALL fit with memory foam, you have even better options compared to previous models. The upgrade means that you’ll always be comfortable and have the same pleasant fit either if you skate a few minutes or for hours.

Stand out from the crowd, thanks to Powerslide's brand new 2018 color variations for the Swell line such as super pink Trinity Flamingo or awesome looking Trinity 100 Multicolor Flair.

But the color scheme of Powerslide's Swell models is not only about strong bright colors. If you're more into discrete colors you should check out the Black City 125 Inline or the Trinity 110 Ultra White inline skates.

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