Two sides to every BMX story: Lasse

More sun, more fun and more BMX. As promised last week, we continue the story of the Malaga BMX trip of our team riders. This time, with Lasse Søltoft as a tour guide.

Last week we got a taste of how it is to travel around to ride your BMX, and as promised, now we will get even deeper into the whole Malaga trip of Martin and Lasse. So get ready for Adventure time!

Oh Malaga!

Finding Lasse Søltoft turned out a bit easier since he was already back in Denmark from his trip (which, as you remember, wasn't the case for Martin who just refuses to come back to the cold).

The only 'hard' thing, actually, is sitting and listening to Lasse's story about a sunny hill in Spain, with a deserted mansion on top of it while the snow is blasting at the window here in Aarhus. I asked him how he ended up going to Malaga and the answer is quite understandable:

"Actually I just left because it was way too cold here in Denmark. So I just wanted to get out of here. Martin and Victor had already been in Barcelona for a month and then they traveled on to Malaga. I had some days that I could take off work, so I just took off and went to them. Because they were already down there, it was pretty easy access for me - They already rented an apartment I could stay in".

Playboy? RedBull? And SkatePro team riders.

With this said, it is time for the small details again. Before the interview with Lasse, the guys at the office asked me if I got the story with the Playboy mansion from Martin. Wait! What? Apparently, I didn't but this mistake would not be repeated.

"So what's with the Playboy mansion there?", I ask very straightforward and determined that this time I will get it all.

"Yeah, it’s a pretty crazy place up in the mountains near a city called Mijas and it’s just an abandoned mansion. We’ve just heard some rumors about that it in the 70s they used to shoot porn movies up there. So that’s a pretty interesting story...

..the place is really big you know! And there are a lot of houses; a lot of different houses. We saw some videos on the internet where Red Bull had been up there and they had been building some huge dirt jumps for mountain bikers...", answers Lasse with a good amount of excitement.

He goes on telling me everything about the house - where RedBull built their jumps, how in the summer there are rave parties organized there (La Piscina, if you want to Google it), and even about people that play hardball in the houses. So now I want to know what they did to it. What was their project?

"Our project - it was actually a dream coming true for me, 'cause I had that on my bucket list. I really wanted to go to a real pool and ride that. I've been riding a lot of pools that have been made for riding but this one was special because it wasn't. And we just came up there and we stood there at the pool and it was all filled with dirt, and filth, and a lot of water! It took us one hour or something like that to figure out how we could drain the pool".

When dreams come true

A vivid description of their efforts to empty the pool followed. Lasse tells me that it took them more than five hours and quite a few bumps on the way (such as Martin's mouth getting filled with filth trying to suck out the water with a hose). But despite all the struggles, when I ask Lasse if it was worth it, he answers right away repeating 'definitely'...two times. For him this is the highlight of this trip -This pool, his mates, the weather, the beers on top of the hill, and the realization of a dream:

"I have been riding BMX for like, I don’t know, 15 years now and I‘ve always wanted to ride a pool like that, so that was kind of my mission. I have been to Malaga five times before so I know the city, I know the spots, I know the skate parks. And this place, I just knew it was down there and really wanted to hit that spot. So that was like a mission to me and...yeah...it was nice weather, we got to clean it, we got to ride it and it was perfect"!

And it is the perfect ending to this story. I don't want to add anything more because it will be pushing it too far. It is indeed perfect, as Lasse says. It sums it all up - those BMX trips are not only about finding spots around the world; it comes to being there, anywhere, with your friends, enjoying a ride and living your dreams.

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