Pol Roman: Shredding Barcelona

There’s no other rider that can drop technical lines like Pol Roman. So what better place to make an edit than Barcelona which features some of the best spots in the world. We talked with Pol about the city, the police and the action sports community in the capital of Catalonia.

2009, Sant Cugat, Catalonia, Spain. A young guy is using his scooter to commute to school every day. One day he goes with some friends to the local skate park to ride their scooters, and all of a sudden everything changed.

Nine years later Pol Roman is still riding, but now he’s a pro rider, sponsored by some of the biggest brands in Europe and one of the best street riders in the world.

The video above is his newest edit. All of it is filmed in Barcelona and its suburbs, and if you know a little about scootering, blading, BMX and skating you’ll know that the city is known for its many street spots.

We had a talk with Pol about what it is that makes Barcelona one of the best cites in the world for shredding

Hidden gems and sturdy classics

The entire edit is shot in different locations in Barcelona and its suburbs and when I ask Pol why he chose to film the “The Pol Roman Welcome to SkatePro edit” in Head and Heart of Catalonia his answer is clear.

“It’s the best city to film in; the weather is great all year around, there are so many spots. But I also prioritized to go to the suburbs of Barcelona as well, because there are also many sweet spots, that aren’t known by everyone and aren’t used in many edits”, says Pol

The great conditions and the massive amount of locations to ride and skate are the reason why thousands of action sport "tourists" are visiting the town each year -But how does this affect the spots and the local riders?

“There are so many places in Barcelona, so it’s not a problem. It can be a bit sketchy to ride the popular locations like MACBA, Paral-lel or Plaça de la Universitat if they are crowded - But when you’re local you’ll also know a lot of hidden gems where you can ride more chilled, so we just go there if the popular places are overcrowded", says Pol.

Room for everyone?

So the massive amount of spots take care of the huge amount of scooters, bladers, BMX’ers and skaters shredding the many spots in Barca, but what about the vibe between all the different sports?

“We’re cool with bladers, BMX riders and also with some of the skateboarders. I’m great friends with my local skaters, but there are always those people who only care about skateboarding. They tend to treat us like small kids, but we’re the same age and doing the same thing. I just have a bar on my deck, that's the difference”, he says.

There’s no doubt about that the city features almost at least one or two spots on every single street and plaza throughout the town. - But what do the people living there say about all those people shredding the streets of their city?

“Most people are cool with it, but of course there are some who don’t like that we skate, where they live. In general, the vibe towards us is much more chilled than before. Some years ago I got fined with 1500€ for skating a spot. Nowadays the police let you ride almost anywhere, and if you aren’t allowed to skate there, they just kick you out”, Pol says.

Simplicity will do it

Pol is, as mentioned earlier, known for his technical lines, but when it comes to his setup, he lives by the phrase: Less is more:

“I ride a pretty simple setup with a 5.0 deck from Elite Scooters. This deck has a lot of space on the deck for my feet; I'm a big guy. Furthermore, this gives me total control over my scooter and last, it’s so wide that I don’t need to ride with pegs”, he says.

Pol using a set of Revolution Supply Jon Reyes Stunt Scooter Wheels, which he points out are great for grinds and furthermore provide him with control, something that’s key if you want to do technical next-level tricks.

Last but not least, Pol uses a T-bar from Elite Scooters. T-bars are his favorite for one good reason.

“ They’re just working for me. They are nothing fancy, but they hold up and gets the job done”, He says.

Wanna ride the same setup as Pol Roman? Then check out our selection of parts from Elite Scooters here.

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