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Be an onion and keep warm in the cold

Do you know the secret ingredient for a successful day on the slopes? THINK LIKE AN ONION!! It is crucial to get your clothing right when you head out for a fun day in the cold. It’s all about dressing in layers - Keep reading and learn how to stay warm and dry.

Base layer

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Your base layer should be made from a material that has the ability to transport moisture away from your skin. This ensures, that you don’t become wet and cold - which is a skier's worst nightmare. We recommend that you choose ski underwear that’s produced of either synthetic fabric, merino wool or silk.

Mid Layer

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The mid layer is used to regulate your temperature and consists of one or more layers of clothes, for instance, a fleece shirt and an insulated mid-layer jacket. The mid layer allows you to take off or add layers. This will let you stay dry and warm whether standing still or ascending a mountain. In that way, you can stay at a comfortable temperature and avoid getting soaked from sweat.

Outer Layer

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The outer layer functions as a breathable shell to protect you from the harsh and changing winter weather. The shell can either be a soft shell or a hard shell. The soft shell is for calm winter weather and is often only water repellent. The hard shell jacket and pants can cope with wind, water and snow and keep you dry and warm.

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