'Wait, who?' Whose name is on your board?

A few new skateboards from Blind just arrived in the house with some fresh and crisp landscape graphics...and some names on them. Check out whose.

If you have been skating for a while, you know that sometimes the different skate brands release decks as tributes to their team riders. And if you have been skating for a while, you also know who those skaters are.

But this is not always the case. So if you have bumped into those funky, colorful designs from Blind on our website and wondered whose are the names under the graphics, read further.

Blind released this landscape series as a tribute to three of their team riders whose names are incorporated in the graphics of the decks- TJ Rogers, Micky Papa, and Kevin Romar.

Apart from looking absolutely stunning and sharp, with touches of fluorescent colors here and there, the decks are made of 7-ply Hybrid Maple blend of Hardrock and Canadian maple. Together with the epoxy, this gives you a very light, stiff and resistant deck. But let's get to the details.

Hands up for TJ Rogers

The first deck features the name of TJ Rogers and a mountain/lone wolf landscape design in primarily purple tones (probably inspired by the Canadian wilderness since Rogers was born in Ajax and lived in Whitby, Canada).

TJ was signed as a pro with Blind after he appeared in Blind's sixth video 'Damn. With his 26 years of age he is quite a wise man since his motto is 'Loving Life to the fullest', which he keeps up with.

Especially considering his latest results from Tampa Pro Finals, this weekend, where he finished 4th. Inspired? Get TJ Rogers' Blind deck here.

Micky Papa - The Wizard of Skate

Next one in line is Micky Papa and his Vancouver blue/green inspired deck. Understandably, Micky comes from Vancouver, Canada. Blind's team page pronounces Micky a tech wizard with loads of board control. On his official Facebook page, under his biography Micky has written:

"I love Skating, Women and Music. I am a simple man. That's all I'll ever need..."

Have some Micky Papa in you? Well, we can provide at least the board.

Flying Sounds by Kevin Romar

Lastly, we have this bright, green, CA city landscape with Kevin Romar's name on it. Having grown up in Cypress, California, Romar is not only a pro skater for Blind but also a musician. He is the official DJ for the famous rapper Hopsin. Kevin is known for closing gaps on his skate as if he grows wings and flies over them, and at the same time drops sick beats when not in the air. Get his board at SkatePro.

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