Two sides to every BMX story: Martin

Sun, waves, friends, and a BMX. This is not a movie plot, nor a March daydream session. This is the current occupation of one of our BMX team riders, Martin Paarup who took a tour to explore the BMX spots of southern Europe.

Getting in touch with Martin and arranging a face-to-face interview with him turned out to be mission impossible for a few days, and then we found out why: he was still in Malaga and as he puts it:

"I am staying here for as long as possible. When the weather is good in Denmark I'm coming back".

Martin and his BMX crew went to Barcelona in a quest for new spots and sick tricks. After a month, they took the train to Malaga and...stayed.

Barcelona is a popular destination among BMX riders with its diverse scenery and plenty of trick spots. But Malaga? Why there?

"In Barcelona, there’re spots everywhere, like in every street corner but in Malaga, you have to search a little bit more; but the spots you’ll find are just a little bit more entertaining and fun... and you have to think more out of the box here", explains Martin.

And thinking out of the box in terms of BMX makes me change my focus all of a sudden. I want to twist the whole idea for this article from BMX trick/settings/spots to traveling for the sake of BMX. I want the tiny details. So I ask him what he puts in his travel bags for a trip like this.

"Apart from my bike, some extra tubes if you get a puncture and the tools, of course, required to fix your bike; and just a backpack full of clothes. That’s it", he says.

A backpack full of clothes and a bike- simple and yet, simply perfect. So I just continue digging into the details that make a BMX trip special; even to the point where I ask him what the soundtrack of the trip is and I get the title Candy Paint - Post Malone and some giggling afterward.

"Traveling alone or with a crew?", I ask all of a sudden and his initial reaction is: "With a crew definitely". But then I strike again and shoot a quick "Why?" at him.

"Ah, now I think about it, I don’t know, actually. Because when you are alone you get so much more of the culture and the locals here. You have to talk to people other than someone you just know from home.

But when you are with a crew you always have someone to go with you and ride. You don’t have to wait for the locals to get off school, or work, or something like that".

Talking about other cultures, I can't help but investigate his future trip plans and Martin has a ready answer straight ahead pointing out destinations like Athens, Geneva, and Italy in general. This just made me think how we always bring something back home from the holidays. And I am not talking about the annoying magnets overtaking your fridge. I mean the cultural knowledge, the new skills, and the sweet memories. For a BMX rider, it should be great to explore and evolve with a variety of spots and new tricks from around the world. But what about his sweetest memory of that Malaga trip.

"There’s a lot as well. Let me think about it. I have no idea...just every day - just one big memory", says Martin a bit insecure about the length of the answer.

Many would say that this is not a good answer, not specific enough. But for me, it is the perfect one and puts a smile on my face. With this simple sentence, Martin managed to sum up precisely why a BMX trip is worth taking.

But as we say - there are two sides of every story, so stay tuned for part two of this article where our second team rider, Lasse Søltoft, will give us his insights of the same trip.

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