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Miguel Martinez: The man, the myth & the MC

He has been around the blading community since it all started in the early 1990s.

Anybody who knows anything about aggressive rollerblading has heard about Winterclash. With 14 years of history, the event is one of the last remaining big events within the aggressive rollerblading community.

If you have ever attended Winterclash or watched a video from the event, you have probably stumbled upon Miguel Martinez from Hamburg in Germany. He has become the official voice of Winterclash and he has been the MC of choice for the last 10 years. But he could actually have been aboard from the very first Winterclash.

“I have been told, that they send me an email when they held the first edition of Winterclash. But the mail never found my inbox,” Miguel Martinez says and laughs.

He has been the MC at different aggressive rollerblading events for the last twenty years, and as he says:

“I have seen boys become men. Some got jobs, some started their own company and some went to jail. But we all had that one thing in common - the love for rollerblading,” he says.

A passion for blading

Miguel has also been MC at a few skateboard and BMX competitions, but his real passion is blading.

“This is where I have all my friends. Most people know who I am, and they seem to enjoy what I do. I never wanted to make a full-time living of MC´ing. I just do it because I love it. Of course, i get paid sometimes, but other times they just pay my travel expenses and I'm happy with that too. It’s a great way to travel around the world,” he says.

“I’m so thankful for the experiences that the skating community has given me the last 20 years, and I’m just happy to help motivate the young skaters and strengthen the community,” he says.

Makes his own coke

Even though traveling is great you also have to make some money for your everyday expenses. To bring home the bacon, he works for a bureau as a photographer where his main area of expertise is photographs of buildings and architectural design. Oh - and one other thing:

“I also make my own coke. It’s actually really fun and tastes great. Not cocaine but regular cola,” he says and laughs.

At the moment some worry that aggressive rollerblading is on the edge, and will never achieve the glory from the 1990s when it was at its peak. Miguel is not worried. He thinks, that aggressive rollerblading will remain a subculture, and this suits him just fine.

“There are maybe only a few thousand really serious bladers right now, but the scene has never been better. I mean, the tricks the young guys perform today were considered to be inhuman 15 years ago. I only wish, that average people would know how talented and dedicated these skaters are. I have been around for 20 years, and they just keep on amazing me,” he says.

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