Build your own custom scooter

Are you ready to take the next step and build your first trick scooter? Then you should definitely read further here.

At SkatePro, we have passion for action sports and we like sharing this passion. If you are like-minded, then what a better way of showing your passion through something you create; we bring the tools.

With the Custom Scooter Builder online tool you get easy access to our arsenal of wheels, decks, bars, and the freedom to combine them. The best part here is - you don't need to worry if the parts will fit because the system will automatically suggest only parts that are compatible.

So no matter where the inspiration finds you, on your smartphone, tablet, or at home on your PC, the SkatePro scooter builder will give you an exact, realistic picture of your custom-made ride. If you are in doubt where and how to start customizing, check out this quick guide on the do's and don't of customizing.

And since sharing is caring, you can share your masterpiece with your friends on Facebook or Instagram. Psst...we will reward your creativity with some goodies ;) So click, build and scoot on!

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