The fellas from Rottefella present: The new Move system

We met Rottefella at ISPO Munich this year and brought some good news from them- the new Move binding system which makes the grip and glide adjustment way easier than ever.

Rottefella is known to be the inventors of the moving cross country bindings so they definitely know what they are doing, especially with the new Move bindings. The new system allows you to change the grip and glide while on the track, and while still having the boot attached. Plus, no tiny key involved.

And just to spice it up a tiny bit more, at the last two editions of the fair, Rottefella also presented a demo of an electric device attached to the bindings. With a trigger in the pole, you can adjust the binding remotely and find the perfect setting while on the go.

Maybe next time we hear from them will be with the news of an official electric binding but up until then, we can still be hyped about the new Move XC bindings.

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