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Winterclash 2018: Celebrating aggressive blading

“Three days packed to the brim with some of the best blading in the world.” This is probably the answer you’re going to get if you ask one of the 1500 attendees at this years Winterclash (on how the event was).

But Winterclash 2018 was not only about competitions and doing bangers, but also about the love for aggressive blading. One of the unique things going on this year was the discussion panel with legends Arlo Eisenberg, Jon Julio and Chris Haffey. This panel was all about their careers, projects and stories about the events, companies and video parts that changed blading forever.

But it was not only about the past. The panel discussion “Keeping blading alive, hooray” took on the question about the future of aggressive blading and if there’s going to be another boom like the one we experienced in the 90’s.

Both panel discussions were "one for the book" and gave a unique insight into the world of aggressive blading.

Furthermore, the panels left us with a mutual understanding that aggressive blading might not be at its peak (if you talk mainstream awareness), but it has definitely never been better if you look at the one thing that matters, the sport itself. This is all thanks to the bladers that keep refining the tricks and taking aggressive blading to the next level.

New brands

Another thing that we were stoked about at this year's Winterclash was the presence of the three new blading brands: 50/50, Reign and last but not least Them Skates, which is owned and driven by legendary blader Jon Julio.

For the first time ever, SkatePro also had a pop-up shop at Winterclash. We were overwhelmed with all the positive vibes that we got from everyone at the event. And together with our riders that attended the competitions, we had a blast celebrating our passion for aggressive blading.

If you haven’t seen our video from Winterclash yet be sure to check it out (it’s right above)

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