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Mankind BMX: Turning Passion Into Completes

Christoph HuberS love story with BMX began in the early 80s, and it’s been pure passion since then. Now, this passion is ‘complete’!

The story of Mankind Bike Co. is one of those success-stories that everyone loves. After 20 years as a passionate and skilled BMX-rider, the founder Christoph Huber started the brand back in 2004.

Until recently Mankind has been focusing on high-quality parts and apparel, but this season...wait for it...they have finally launched completes. Best part- it’s a wide line suited for all skill levels. And as everything done for the first time, Mankind has put all their passion and expertise to build the high-quality and clean style BMXs we have all waited for.

Photo by: Hans Fredrich

Photo Credit: Hans Fredrich, Daniel Juchatz, Mankind team rider

“Our main goal was to create fresh, clean looking bikes with the best possible specs and most ideal geometry in order to have a great time riding our bikes. I always wanted to create my own completes under the Mankind brand, so it was a logical next step. I really love to design complete bikes in the conceptional and technical way. My graphic designer Peter Keller from Menschlabor.info helped me with the feel and graphics,” says founder Christoph Huber.

Riding since the 80s

Ever since he got on his first BMX-bike in 1983, Christoph has been hooked on the sport. In 1987 he traveled to contests around the world, and in 1993 he started his first business in BMX and carried on to work in the BMX industry with distribution.

All these years of sweat, bruises, and love shine through the new Mankind completes.

Photo by: Hans Fredrich

“I guess my love and excitement for BMX always stayed with me and gave me the power and determination to do what I do. Our 2019 Complete Bike Line shows and reflects all the experience, passion and love for BMX, which I have collected since we started Mankind Bike Co. over 13 years ago and even before that,” he says.

We are stoked to get the Mankind completes in the house, and up until then you can check the models and make your pre-orders here.

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