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Top 5 snowboard product news of the season

As a snowboarder, you probably spend most of the winter up on the mountain and the rest of the year dreaming and preparing for getting back out in the snow. The same thing can (almost) be said about the different manufacturers of snowboards, wear and accessories. We are thrilled to tell you that we are blown away with excitement of this year's product news.

Let’s take a look at some of our new products for all you snowboarders out there.

High-end board for the mountainous playground

We are pretty stoked about the new Burton Process Flying V Wide Snowboard. The board is built with Flying V™ rocker technology, that provides you with a perfect flow across all kinds of conditions. This true twin gives you a balanced freestyle ride across the entire mountain.

Compared to last year, one of the upgrades in this model is the new Super Fly II 700g core that gives you an even more lightweight ride.

Burton dates almost 40 years back, and in 1994 Burton was fully recognized when the company was one of the first on the market to present a twin-tip snowboard. This is the main reason why Burton is one of the top manufacturers on the snowboard market.

If you are thinking of buying a new snowboard, you should take a look at our buying snowboard guide.

Affordable, handy and high-quality

This year we are especially proud to present this snowboard bag from Snowtech which is exclusively made for SkatePro. The bag is made of very durable materials that make it the perfect place to store your snowboard in the off-season or during transportation.

Oh while we are at it - the model is wearing a jacket from the new Picture collection, which you might also want to take a look at. All products from Picture are made from 100% recycled, organic or responsibly sourced materials.

It’s a snowboard. It’s a skateboard. No, it’s a snow skateboard!

Last season these snow skateboards from Ambition were sold out before the first snow fell. But don’t worry. This season we are prepared. We just got a huge shipment of this awesome board that combines the best from both worlds.

At first glance, the snow skateboard looks like a regular skateboard deck, but the resemblance fades when you turn it upside down. The bottom holds a grooved pattern, which gives the board an excellent grip in the snow and allows the rider to perform the same tricks as on a regular skateboard.

In our opinion, the snow skateboard is one of the most innovative “snow vehicles” that has been invented since the snowboard. We love it, and it’s a true winter must-have gadget and can even be used in snow-covered skateboard parks.

High-tech wrapped in a unique design

We predict, that this well-designed jacket from Burton is going to be a big hit this season. The Burton Covert jacket aims to provide peak performance in the untouched and fresh snow, both in the back and the front of the mountain.

The ThermoLite insulation in this product-line is made from 40% recycled materials whereas the jacket holds the ‘bluesign’, which is an achievement only reached by having a strong focus on an environmentally responsible production. In other words: you can buy this jacket with a clear conscious.

Snowboard-goggles reinvented

With the patent-pending MFI® Technology, we are confident that the revolutionary magnetic click-on system on all Anon MIG MFI goggles are due to set new standards for how goggles will be designed in the future. The goggles come with a MFI facemask, which fits the click-on system. This combination provides unique protection from wind, snow and minor flying objects such as twigs and gravel.

Anon's Spherical Lens construction combines decentered technology with a lens curvature. This mimics the shape of the human eye and minimizes the light distortion for optimal view in most conditions.

The Sonar Blue lens (to the left) is rated at 46% VLT which makes them optimal for riding in partly cloudy conditions. The Sonar Silver lens (on the right) is a perfect companion for bright sunny days with a VLT rating of 6%. VLT stands for Visible Light Transmission and is a way of measuring how much light a lens allows to hit the eye.

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