Black Crows Freeride Skis Strike Again

For a few years now we've been lucky to join ISPO Munich and every time we've had a blast meeting some really cool brands. This year we kept the tradition and dropped by Black Crows booth to get some insights into their new ski and gear models that, honestly, even at first sight, are something to fall in love with.

At the booth, we caught Julien Lafforgue from Black Crows who gave some spicy details about the new Corvus model and old-new, improved Camox Freebirds (and when we say improved, we mean improved!).

The new Corvus Freeride skis are tempting with some added rocker in the tip and tail to get you just the tiny bit of flex you craved for to rock the curves in the powder and take away some of the pressure when turning.

As for the Camox Freebird, it is enough to mention that Black Crows managed to cut off 400 grams of the skies with their new mold, and the rest will follow.

Marlin Westerberg, the merchant manager of Black Crows also gave us a sneak peek into their new insulated styles which are definitely worth checking out.

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