Luis Oppel: A cut to the bone philosophy

Manhattan, New York City. The sound of heavy traffic and busy people fill the sunny blue sky. In the middle of this buzzing inferno, in one of the many green spots in Manhattan, a tall black-haired young man in denim jeans and no shirt, is focusing on one thing only - to land the trick he planned. He takes a deep breath, pushes off, races towards the rail, jumps, grinds and lands.

The scene is from Luis Oppel’s Baltimore - New York Edit, the video you’ve chosen as the edit of the year 2017.

If you’ve seen the edit, you’ll without a doubt agree, that Luis pushes his scooter to the max to provide us with some technical lines. We talked with Luis Oppel to find out what his style of riding demands of his equipment, which parts he prefers to ride and what inspires him as a rider.

By the way, if you haven’t seen Luis Oppels USA edit yet, you can see it in the video above.

Keep it simple

If you’ve seen the edit from Luis Oppel, you quickly realize, that he’s inspired by the 90’s skate videos and it’s not only the fisheye lens that Luis likes from the “golden age of skating.”

“I get inspired a lot by the skateboard scene from that period. It’s the retro feel of course, but also a search for a simpler time. To me, this period symbolizes a cut to the bone skate culture, and this is also something I try to practice when I put together my setup”, says Luis.

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The cut to the bone philosophy can be seen both when it comes to the design of the scooter, but also in the parts, he has chosen. Even though Luis is doing a tremendous amount of grinds on curbs, rails, and ledges, you might have noticed that he does it without pegs.

“I like the challenge riding without pegs. Furthermore, I use TSI's Box Cutter deck which is so wide that it allows you to do the same tricks as you would do with pegs. The width of the deck almost makes it feel like a skateboard”, says Luis.

A matter of control

Luis is a street rider- Gapping stairs, grinding rails, ledges and using the city's natural environment to ride is what gets him going. This also means that he needs a scooter that can take the constant shredding against the curb and the beatings when he’s hurling himself out from a ten stair.

“I need a scooter that holds up, that’s why I use a heavy setup with the TSI Boxcutter deck as the center. It might weigh more than the average deck, but it provides me with stability and durability. Furthermore, its heavyweight gives me better control over the deck, when I’m doing tricks in the air”, says Luis.

Speed is another crucial factor in being able to pull off those sweet “Luis-Oppel-lines". Luis points out that he makes sure, that his bearings and wheels are always in top shape by changing them regularly.

“I use the River Glide Emerald wheels, which comes with bearings. I change my wheels every second month. Furthermore, an important factor for me is that they slide well and gives me the ability to powerslide, which I love to do when I’ve done a nice line”, says Luis.

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