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New Edit: This is a good skatepark

In Denmark, where Anders Hauerholt lives, it's cold, snowy and windy this time of the year. Not exactly optimal conditions for being creative on different skate spots out in the street. That is why Anders' latest edit is filmed indoors in different skateparks around Denmark.

Watching your edit again, what’s your favorite trick?

"That's probably the last trick - it's from a corner at the skate park Urban StreetZone in Brande, where some of the tricks are recorded. It was a trick we had talked a lot about since the spot is pretty wild and it really requires you to go all-in. In this sport, you can have good and bad days and the day of the recording was a really good day," Anders says.

You call it "park edit". What makes a skate park stand out according to you?

"For me, a good skate park is a park where you can think out of the box and create lines and think creatively. The park in Brande offers good opportunities for this since the ramps are placed very close to each other - in other parks, where this is not the case, you just have to think even more out of the box," he says.

For you, what does 2018 have to offer, when it comes to blading?

"Well - I'm back "home" on Remz, bought a load of new gear for filming and a new PC so I can edit everything better and by myself. So I'm really just looking forward to a year with even more blading and progressing even further! Right now I think my level is okay - but I'm always looking to improve and progress! So my plans for 2018 is just to get to film as much as possible and go to as many events as I can - both in Danmark and the rest of Europe. And of course BladingCamp in Malaga," Anders says.

So Anders last up, what setup are you skating at the moment?

"I am currently using the Remz 2.0 with Ground Control Featherlight 3 frames and Gawds Franky Morales Rolex wheels with GoProject bearings. My grind wheels are also from Gawds. I have been driving the Featherlight frames before and I am generally very happy about it. After riding Valos for a year, I switched back to Remz. I have made some changes to them like a V-cut and a buckle," Anders says.

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