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Bernardo: I have big expectations for Winterclash 2018

With this years Winterclash just around the corner, the blading community around the globe is waiting anxiously for the event to start. The SkatePro team riders are just the same, and this year SkatePro will also be represented by a pop-up shop during Winterclash.

One of the team riders that is very excited about Winterclash 2018 is Nicolas Bernardo from France. We sat down with him for a talk about the present, the future and his expectations.

So Nicolas, what’s going on in your career right now?

“I couldn't be happier about my career right now. A lot of things are happening. One of the main things is that in December 2017 I was doing an audition for the Cirque Du Soleil Crystal Show in Canada, Montréal, and the audition turned out really good. One week ago I dropped some rollerblade clips filmed by Leon Perrin, and I continue to film to do a bigger edit for Trigger Skate, Skatepro and Amscas,” Nicolas says.

You are attending Winterclash at the 16-17th. of February What are your expectations for this years Winterclash?

“My expectations to Winterclash are always the same. The first thing is the opportunity to see my friends from all over the world. We meet to skate and share good moments. As always, I'm also really excited about discovering the skatepark. The spot that they are building is always huge and insane, and I can't wait to see what they have prepared this year! I know that it's gonna be an awesome competition as always,” Nicolas says.

Sounds like you're a big fan of Winterclash. Can you tell us a little bit more of why that is?

“The Winterclash event is one of the biggest competitions when it comes to blading. Winterclash is an homage to the history of blading. All the bladers from all over the world have the chance to be reunited during that competition. We have the chance to meet the legends of our sport, particular this year there's a sick rider list. That's gonna be a dope edition, and I'm pretty sure about the fact, that the event will be spot on this year - as always. Winterclash is working so hard to promote our sport in the best possible way and has done that for many years,” Nicolas says.

There are nine team riders representing SkatePro at this year's Winterclash. How do you feel about being a part of this team?

“Skating for SkatePro is a huge pleasure, the team is really good. Very friendly. I'm really happy about the fact that SkatePro trusts my skating skill, and allows me to represent them during all the blading events I attend. I'm trying to promote the brand in the best way possible by posting pictures and clips. Overall, I also think that SkatePro is helping our sport since they invest so much in the development of our sport,” Nicolas says.

Here at SkatePro, we wish the audience and the competitors at Winterclash a good and memorable event. If you are attending Winterclash, we encourage you to swing by the SkatePro pop-up shop at the event. SkatePro is also the sponsor of the 'Most Creative Trick Award' for Winterclash 2018, and we are looking forward to see the creativity of all the bladers out there.

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